Mark Harlow, started his career with T H WHITE back in September 2000 and followed a very successful apprenticeship pathway. He was unsure exactly what he wanted to do, but knew he wanted an apprenticeship. The opportunity to learn a trade whilst earning some money was appealing to him. He was also reassured by many people that T H WHITE had a good name in the area and he should go for it. It was slightly amusing that everyone he spoke to assumed he would be working on tractors rather than fire and security!

The three years of the apprenticeship flew by for Mark, and the variety of work was exciting with job satisfaction guaranteed. As he gained more experience, he was asked to run some of the larger projects with multiple engineers present and worked with some of the new apprentices. He progressed as Project Manager, Installation Manager and finally into his current role as Operations Manager for T H WHITE’s Energy, Fire & Security Division.


EFS Operations Manager

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